10 May , 2022 - digital nomads, entrepreneurs

What do Steve Jobs, Marie Curie, Jeff Bezos and Coco Chanel have in common? It may seem to you that they are very different characters, but they all share qualities of an entrepreneur that, undoubtedly, have helped them make history.

To achieve success in a project or business, you need much more than a good idea. Regardless of whether you work in fashion, artificial intelligence or the hospitality industry, there are some intangible aspects that also mark the future of a project.

Some characteristics of the entrepreneur are more than evident. For example, they are curious and observant people. In addition, they can detect a problem or need and come up with ideas to solve it.

But that is not all.

If you also have a dream in mind or a project in hand, and you feel lost, or you think you need to work on your skills to improve, keep reading this post to discover what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur that will help you to be closer to success.

The 10 qualities of an entrepreneur

Creating a business or facing new challenges requires leaving the comfort zone and working aligned with a series of values, attitudes and qualities. It is part of the process of developing an idea or business so that it becomes a long-term project.

From our own experience and from the contact we have with digital nomads and entrepreneurs in our coworking spaces in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we have drawn up a list with the main qualities of an entrepreneur.

Creativity and innovation

This is one of the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur and what differentiates him from any other type of entrepreneur.

Setting up an improved version of an existing business is infinitely easier than coming up with a revolutionary and different idea.

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand and are two qualities that interfere not only with a person’s ability to generate ideas and solve problems, but also with the entire business process.

Getting out of the established or having no limits (in the good sense) are some of the characteristics that define entrepreneurs.


It may sound like a cliché, but when things are done with motivation and passion, you go further.

The path of entrepreneurs is full of ups and downs and obstacles that can throw the project overboard if there is not enough motivation.

Only people who feel true passion for what they do are capable of maintaining the effort, perseverance and unconditional dedication required to start up and scale a project or business.

In short, successful entrepreneurs feel passion and enthusiasm for their ideas and projects, which helps them overcome adversity and challenges with determination.

Passion and motivation are innate characteristics in entrepreneurs / Image by Ian Schneider

A strategic vision

To achieve successful ideas, you have to think about them in a strategic way.

It is common among entrepreneurs and digital nomads to talk about “landing ideas”, which means establishing an action plan, with clear objectives and specific tasks.

Being analytical and visualizing a project or business strategically is the first step to meeting the goals you set for yourself. Second, it is also important to have a bit of a nose, to see beyond the surface and identify the needs and trends of the market.

For all of the above, we can say that the strategic vision is one of the characteristics of the successful entrepreneurs because it allows them to turn an idea into a business project.

Patience and perseverance

None of the above will be possible without a basic ingredient: patience. A successful business takes time. In fact, it is common among the most successful entrepreneurs to have also experienced failure.

Patience is a quality of the entrepreneur. Goes hand in hand with perseverance. It is what helps entrepreneurs to maintain focus to meet their goals.

That is why our best advice when things go wrong in your business is: take a deep breath and be patient! Start again, with perseverance and tenacity.

Remember that most businesses require between one and three years to consolidate and begin to see their benefits.


Having total and absolute confidence in your idea or business project is essential to come to fruition. Especially when, for example, you are in meetings with investors or potential clients.

A person without objectives and a clear strategic vision will have more difficulty making others see that their business idea will be successful. Therefore, trust yourself, your ideas and your vision, and you will be transmitting security.


When the project is already underway and has a team of people behind it, the entrepreneur also assumes the role of leader.

If personal motivation and passion is a vital tool for a project to prosper, the leader must also have the ability to motivate his team and act as a guide.

The function of a leader goes beyond giving orders. He is an empathetic person, with charisma and communication skills to empower the team.

In conclusion, leadership requires teamwork, listening, motivating, considering the opinions of the rest and valuing the talent of others. It is about creating a human connection to create an optimal work environment in which the whole team works in the same direction.

A leader has the ability to manage a team, transmit their enthusiasm and motivate them / Image by Jason Goodman

Be receptive

While one of the things entrepreneurs need to do is be confident in themselves, they also need to keep an open mind.

On the path of entrepreneurship, every day is a new learning. Being receptive and open to constructive criticism from others will always be a plus.

In this sense, it is also advisable to adopt a positive and open attitude in meetings, listening to the interlocutors and trying to find common points. This will help you in any business process with investors or clients or with your team.


Empathy is another of the personal qualities of the entrepreneur. It consists of putting yourself in the place of others to connect with them and create links, especially with your customers.

In fact, every business idea starts with being empathetic. When you detect a need and propose a solution, you are connecting with a person’s problem to help them get what they want.

On the other hand, being empathetic will also help you connect with your team and collaborators, making them feel comfortable working with you, trust you and consider you a true leader.

In short, entrepreneurs who want to go far must put their ego aside and think more about others, what to offer them and how to help them.

Decision and assertiveness

A vital part of starting any entrepreneurial business is decision-making, for which several factors must be considered.

First, to make the right decisions, you have to be objective and analytical. Having critical and rational thinking, always analysing the advantages and disadvantages, starting from a strategic vision and clear objectives will help you make decisions that bring you closer to success.

Second, when you make decisions, do it with determination, without doubts or limits or fears. No one knows for sure how to become an entrepreneur and run a business, but resolutely assuming that the road will be full of ups and downs and falls will help you stay on your feet and be consistent.

Decision-making is part of the entrepreneur’s day-to-day / Image by Dylan Gillis


Finally, if you want any project or business to be successful… take it seriously from the beginning.

Work on all the qualities of the entrepreneur that we have mentioned throughout this article, assume responsibility with your clients, partners, investors, suppliers and also with your team.

But it is also important to be responsible with yourself and your health. Most entrepreneurs recognize the physical and mental wear and tear of turning an idea into a business.

Being an entrepreneur often means working longer hours than clockwork, dedicating more time to your project, and neglecting other facets of your life. In this sense, consider that it is something temporary, but do not give up moments of leisure and rest because they will allow you to recover strength and energy to continue working on your goals.

Now that you know what the qualities of an entrepreneur are… put them into practice!

And remember that the best entrepreneurs never give up. They always keep their eyes and minds wide open and are willing to listen and learn from others.

Starting from this base, it will be easier to make the idea you have in mind come true. Good luck!