22 Mar , 2022 - coworking

Back in the 1970s, the artist Luis Aguilé used to sing “work is a drag, you have to get up every day”. We don’t know if Aguilé was an early riser or if he didn’t like his job, but back then no one wondered what coworking was because it was still an unthinkable reality.

Well, to be honest, many people today are not entirely clear on what this way of working consists of either.

Is a coworking just a space to work? 🤔 Is it like an office but with people who work for different companies? Are there only freelancers and entrepreneurs?

Do not stop and read on if you have ever asked yourself: Coworking? What is that?

Luis Aguilé singing “Working is a drag”

What is coworking?

The way of working has evolved a lot since Luis Aguilé sang for the first time It’s a drag to work .

If before the most common thing was to work in the same company practically all your life and do it from an office, today self-employed professionals and also people who work remotely predominate .

Every day millions of people only need a computer and an Internet connection to carry out their work , which allows them to work from anywhere in the world. Yes, also lying down from the bed or the sofa, although it is not the best for the back.

But there are those who do not like to work from home or do not have enough space to do so. Other people like to socialize during work hours and have companions. And coworking is a bit of a mix of all these scenarios.

That is why the question about what coworking is has a clear answer: a coworking is a shared space or office where digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers or entrepreneurs work .

So far it’s easy to understand, right?

Germany and the United States: the origin of collaborative workspaces

Like everything in this life, there are two versions about where the first coworking spaces arose.

The most popular version holds that this concept was born in 2006 in San Francisco by an engineer and software developer named Brad Neuberg. He created a co-working space that offered free Wi-Fi, massages, bike rides, and more two days a week.

Another version of the origin of coworking takes us to take a leap in time and space to land in the year 1995 in Berlin. Apparently, one of the first haberkspaces was opened in the German capital, that is, a kind of coworking centered on people with interests in technology, science, electronics, etc.

How does a coworking work?

One of the most attractive aspects of being able to work in a coworking space is the fact of connecting with other people and establishing links that are not only professional, but also personal .

In a coworking we can find all kinds of profiles: programmers, marketing specialists, consultants, journalists, entrepreneurs, designers, psychologists, etc.

And this amalgamation of independent professionals turns coworking spaces into diverse and enriching places where you can work at ease and be in contact with other people to learn from and with whom to share interests or create networks of contacts.

But, well, don’t think that working in a coworking space implies that you spend more time doing public relations than working. Not at all!

Although the essence of coworking is collaborative work, the reality is that it works in a very simple way: you have a space where you can work at your own pace, with all the basic needs of an office and, in addition, with the opportunity to share experiences, conversations and business whenever you want, how you want and with whomever you want.

Precisely for this reason, most coworking spaces, in addition to personal or shared desks, meeting rooms, etc., also have common areas such as a cafeteria, lounge, games room, etc. All this to create environments where you can talk, make friends… in short, connect.

Types of spaces and offices in coworking

Although most coworking spaces are usually open to all kinds of people, it is true that independent professionals, entrepreneurs or remote workers are the ones who most often go to these collaborative work spaces.

Coworkers usually only need a computer and a good Internet connection to work. That is why coworking spaces are for them more comfortable spaces than working at home, cheaper than renting a private office and where, in addition, they feel more accompanied than working alone.

In any case, the most common is that a coworking has:

Advantages of coworking

At this point in the post, you can more or less get an idea of the advantages of working in a coworking space. If it weren’t a work model with great benefits, it would have become a passing trend. However, the reality is that every day there are more coworking spaces around the world.

At the end of 2019, according to data from the Global Coworking Survey, there were more than 22,000 coworking spaces around the world . And with the increase in remote workers caused by the coronavirus pandemic , there are likely to be even more coworking spaces today.

But… What are the real advantages of sharing an office? Read on to find out and assess whether working in a coworking is a good option for you.

To begin with, working in a coworking space is much more than stopping working from home in a tracksuit or pajamas. When you work in a coworking…

1. You can create synergies and network with other coworkers and professionals

You will be like a small working family, a community of workers, each with their own needs and projects but willing to hang out, work together and learn from each other.

2. You increase your productivity

How many times in recent years have you stopped working for 5 minutes to put on the washing machine and have ended up doing a thousand more chores around the house? Yes, working from home has its advantages, but it’s also easier to get distracted and less productive.

3. You improve the image of your business or project

In a coworking you have the opportunity to receive potential clients, investors or suppliers in an office or professional environment.

4. You have all the basic services of an office

Internet connection, printer, bathroom, cafeteria, office supplies, etc. In the most modern coworking spaces it is even possible that you will find a game room to disconnect giving free rein to your most gamer side.

5. You are part of a collaborative community and culture

Daily contact with other coworkers promotes social relationships and makes you enjoy your work more by making new friends.

6. You have greater freedom and flexibility

You decide where to work, when, how and if you want to do it alone or in company.

7. You are surrounded by digital nomads, entrepreneurs and other experts

One of the greatest advantages of a coworking space is the possibility of having an ecosystem of creativity, collaboration and innovation at your fingertips.

8. It is easier to separate personal and work life

How many times, working from home, have you taken the computer at night “for a little while” and spent a couple of hours hitting the key?

Working in a coworking you can set limits to the working day with start and end times.

Remember that working more does not make you a better worker, but being rested and having strength and energy does make you more productive and helps you have a routine.

9. You save more time and money

If you had your own office, you would also have to think about cleaning, maintenance, controlling supplier invoices, etc.

10. Improve your training

Many coworkings, beyond the basic services of an office, also hold events, seminars, workshops, etc. So it is an opportunity to be constantly updated, improving your training and experience.

Coworking in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Choosing a coworking space is not a trivial decision. Some aspects that we recommend you look at are:

At Tusity we currently have two coworking spaces in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Tusity ONE and Tusity WOW.

Tusity ONE (La Naval Street, 148)

Tusity ONE is a boutique coworking with a maximum capacity of 20 people . Choose your personal or shared table and enjoy a quiet and calm work space, without noise and with high-speed internet access, printer, bathroom and cafeteria. We also have a meeting room or have a private office.

Also, when you finish work you can walk to Playa de las Canteras and enjoy the best weather, the sun and the sea to unwind.

Work table in Tusity ONE

Tusity WOW (Calle Pelayo, 10)

Tusity WOW is designed for coworkers looking for a larger work environment and in which to come into contact with more people to network. We have personal or shared tables, cafeteria, games area, lounge, etc.

At Tusity WOW you will have access to all the basic services of a coworking: internet, printer, meeting room, etc. But in addition, you could also enjoy our incredible rooftop if you want to work enjoying the sun’s rays and the good weather that characterizes Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Contact us for more information about Tusity ONE and Tusity WOW and to reserve your space in our coworking spaces. By the way, you can also come and try it for free one day.

If you are a digital nomad or have just arrived on the island and are also looking for accommodation, at Tusity we have coliving apartments located in the same building as our coworkings, with the comfort of having a home and office in the same place, but separated, so you can easily reconcile personal and work life.

In addition, our accommodation can be booked for days, weeks or months so that you can enjoy your stay in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias with total flexibility and independence.