The story of Tusity began as the story of many young people from all over the world: with the desire, the need, and the motivation to live better.
This is our story:

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Redefining the rules of hospitality

Nomads, entrepreneurs, businessmen, travellers, surfers… Very different people who bring diversity and richness to Tusity come to our accommodations.

They all have something in common:

The desire to discover and enjoy a new concept of hospitality, a new way of living.

Our arms are open for people like you: with an open mind and an innate curiosity!

We are not just any accommodation
, we are a

We have an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit. That is why we have created a new hosting model that distinguishes us from the common. We seek the extraordinary and create the best experiences for you to be part of an inspiring community.

In our coliving and coworking spaces you can be yourself, feed your creativity, give wings to your curiosity, explore other cultures and exploit your professional side, without giving up living the life you want.

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A new (and better) way of living

We believe that everyone deserves a better way of living.
We are building a freer, caring and respectful world where people, hospitality and the good life are what really matter.

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5 things we do
for you

We create unique, comfortable, safe and stylish spaces.

We connect people and form an inspiring community.

Not only that, but we encourage you to live the moment.

We offer you everything except routine.

We take care of all the details so that your experience with us is unforgettable from the moment of booking until the day of departure.

We are...


The love for what we do motivates us to grow and improve ourselves every day.


We dream big because it is the only way to do great things.


Curiosity is the fuel of our minds and the engine of our ideas.


Our history is a path of adaptation, revision, and change in a world in constant evolution.


We believe that giving up is the only sure way to fail. Without struggle, there is no progress.


We value the art of listening and are inspired by all ideas to break down barriers.

Are you going to continue living a conventional and boring life? Or do you want to find
a new way of living and feel that you are in the place you always wanted?

About us

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Work at Tusity

Working at Tusity means working for and by people with passion and motivation, as a team, thinking about the most important thing: the good life.

Our story began with coliving and coworking spaces in the Canary Islands, but our business model is expanding. Therefore, working at Tusity is a challenge, an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Why is working with us different? Because we care about our people, and we create a work environment with everything but routine.

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